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Grease Arrestors


Mascot Engineering Grease Traps can be installed in restaurants, cafes, bakeries, butchers, takeaway stores, fast food outlets, hotels, pubs and any premises that discharge grease and oil.

Choosing the right tank

Generally a Hydraulic Engineer in association with the local water authority or council will assess your proposed use and recommend a pre-treatment device and the size required. Mascot Engineering have the largest range of authorised trade waste pre-treatment devices in Australia, so regardless of the product and size, we’re sure to have one to suit. Mascot Engineering can also provide custom units with PVC, Cast Iron or HDPE pipes in various sizes.


Mascot Engineering’s unique precast Glass Reinforced Concrete (GRC) is approximately 1/10th the weight of traditional steel reinforced concrete ensuring you save on transport costs.


A lower environmental impact (approx. 40%) than the equivalent steel reinforced product.
See GRC page for more information.

Cleaning & Maintenance

All Mascot Engineering trade waste products are epoxy lined internally to increase the life of the product and to assist with cleaning the tanks. Please refer to maintenance instructions for recommended timing information.


Mascot Engineering’s GRC pollution control products all come with simple installation instructions (links found on the left). Given the strength of the concrete, there is no need to encase in concrete like plastic or fibreglass lightweight versions and they can be used from Class A to Class G. The installation process is made simpler given the reduced weight of the products, no need for heavy lifting equipment that’s required to install a precast steel reinforced concrete version.