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Industrial Trade Waste Products & The Water Corporation of WA

The Commercial and Industrial Services Section of the Western Australian Water Corporation has been busy in recent months assessing industrial waste pre-treatment products for connection to their area.

Mascot Engineering’s WA products have been connected to the Water Corp’s sewer for over 15 years, and have again been accepted in the latest round of reviews.  With our Grease Arrestors, Cooling Pits, Dilution Pits, Oil Separators and Silt Arrestors all appearing on the authorised list, Mascot Engineering officially have the largest range of authorised products in Western Australia.

The Water Corporation will be publishing a list of accepted industrial trade waste pre-treatment products on their website shortly, however in the meantime we can provide a copy of the relevant Acceptance Certificates and Numbers should they be required.  Please note that the Water Corporation’s acceptance of Mascot Engineering products is not an endorsement of our products and is valid within the Water Corporation’s area of operations.

This acceptance coincides with the introduction of our new technical product drawings – which are available in PDF as well as CAD files on this site.

Our Perth warehouse is full of stock and our lightweight Glass Reinforced Concrete (GRC) products are suitable for all load ratings from Class A through to Class G (AS3996).

For all your industrial trade waste needs, contact the Perth team on 1300 885 295 or email